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Pop Boxes are the perfect gift! More options and more popcorn compared to a traditional tin. Choose from our curated collections or DIY and create your own!

Tins are available in-store where they can continue to have a useful life with our loyalty program: 50% off refills when you bring them to one of our locations! 

Why aren't we shipping tins any longer? 

  1. We simply don't want to raise prices to keep them. The tins themselves have had incessant price increases that show no signs of slowing down. 
  2. Uncertainty. Our suppliers have lost flexibility with orders and delivery and we can’t guarantee inventory. Who knows when this issue will resolve—so we’ve evolved. 
  3. Our popcorn is the star of our show, so it's money best spent by not sending it in a tin that someone has to throw away (or hopefully recycle). Local tin gifts from our stores can be used over and over with our loyalty program. 


Lemon Bar is back!