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Tin: Classic - 1 or 2 Gallon

 *** INVENTORY ALERT*** We will have a limited number of tins for the 2021 holiday season due to price increases and supply chain shortages. We will be offering a few new Pop Pack options that will offer a wider variety of flavors and more actual popcorn than a tin. 

Choose from our gourmet Caramel, Cinnamon, Buttery, Cheese, or Low Salt! 

1 Gallon,  $21: A simple, cute gift for any occasion! Great for regular refills!

2 Gallon, $31: Perfect for movie nights, weekends, and gifts!

We also have POP Tins with any of our flavors! 

Our customer loyalty program centers around our Tins--bring it back in for 50% off refills! 

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